What I do

Through creative direction, design consulting and a just a little bit of coaching, I help designers and artists discover their raison d’être and create meaningful and lasting relationships with their customers.

So, in my day-to-day, that all looks like styling photos, dreaming up marketing campaigns, finding vendors to get bags made, matching indie designers & artists with new stockists, producing photoshoots for look books, connecting brands with like-minded creatives to create some killer visuals, creating displays for stores & showrooms, designing merch for brands expanding into new categories, helping apparel designers tweak their collections and leading workshops in those areas. (but not all at once!)

Essentially, I just do different kinds of story-telling in art & design.



My formal training is in Contemporary Art & Apparel Design. Less formally, I was just an artsy kid that grew up in Austin, Texas with an amazing group of mentors & all the art supplies I could’ve wanted. Since then, I’ve been a commercial photo stylist, a public speaking instructor, an assistant wedding planner, a Squarespace Designer and a stand-up comedian. I’ve also had a capsule collection of bags that caught the attention of Texas Monthly, Madewell and won me the Harry Lewis Award for Innovative Accessory Design.

And now I freelance.


Why I Do It


How I Got Started


I believe that real magic happens when we are able to confidently be our authentic selves- I’ll save you the hippie dippy extended play, but this philosophy extends into brands as well.

Digging into the DNA of a person’s creative practice, figuring out their “why” and using that to guide the every move their brand makes is what I’m in it for.

Real Talk: I’ve worked with people who are just in business because they’ve seen others be successful with the same sort of merch and think “Psh! I can make that. I just need you to help me take pics that’ll get likes on Instagram” and I’ve had a hard time marketing it. I know folks that are good with that and can recommend them if that’s what you’re looking for.

I’m here to help brands get clear about the story they have to tell, so they can connect authentically with their people and help customers make informed and intentional choices.