A Stylist's Guide to Lyon, France

As an Only Lyon Ambassador, Arianna created Nuance to combine her discerning eye and love of story-telling to share her love of the city of Lyon.

With Nuance, readers will discover the city with a focus on design, style and the thriving creative community.

Though it is a blog about French culture, readers will be hard pressed to find a post of about a picnic on the grounds of le Tour Eiffel. They will, instead,  find a new way to discover the beauty of France through all that Lyon has to offer.

Nuance is a journal for the stylish traveler looking for the inside scoop.

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The role in Nuance can best be described as editor. Both curating images from a selection that fit the subject matter as well as creating images to illustrate the stories. The choice of businesses and products featured as well as crafting the story they tell. 

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Responsible for the graphic design of the layered images and website layout. 

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Bilingual Site

The site is written primarily in English with supporting text in French to better communicate the vision of the site wit the community in Lyon.