A Journal Called Nuance

This journal is a nuanced exploration of personal style, work as a creative professional, the design process and self development. It’s all in the details.


About Nuance

This blog/journal/corner of the internet is dedicated to the things I think about incessantly and in great detail. That would be the cut of a garment, how to build a life you don’t feel the need to escape from, the toebox of a shoe I saw in passing a week ago, the “professional” part of being a creative professional, is there a life for me post-wide leg pants, how to constantly challenge yourself to grow while also remaining sane and well. Y’know, the important things. In all four sections of the journal- Style, Work, Design and Self, the core questions will remain the same: What is fascinating? What is remarkable? What matters? And why? Am I going to answer all of these questions? Probably not, but I’ll try to find people who can. That’s the fun part.

Below, I’ve got breakdowns of the different sections Style, Work, Design and Self as well as some featured posts. Wanna talk about any of it (or all of it?) comment email or DM me. Let’s dig in!



The Lowdown: Style is where we’ll be diving into both personal style- what I’m wearing and loving- as well as brands and pieces I’m into at the moment. What makes one iteration of a trend better than another? How does the cut of a neckline change the appeal of a dress? What brands are making noteworthy pieces? What’s with all the python accessories right now?



The Lowdown: This is where we dive into everything creative career related- business strategy, creating a path to next career milestones and talking to folks that are making it all happen. It’ll lean heavily toward shop talk in the field of design and indie brands- because that is my background and true love.



The Lowdown: Design is a repository for my adventures in continuing my design education- resources to geek out on, sketchbooks excerpts, self-directed projects, design collaborations and illustration practice. Being in photo all this time, I primarily used my line, Owynn as a way to keep my design muscles strong while I focused on building a styling career as a freelancer. Now that I’m both floating in the breeze and not making physical product, I’m trying to dedicate that time to other design pursuits. This is where they’ll be logged.



The Lowdown: Self is the area where we explore growth and personal development. Life-changing books and podcasts, folk sharing lived experiences, personal goals and questions about it all. How difficult is language learning after 25? How do you maintain friendships when you’re #BookedAndBlessed? What does it really mean to design the life you want? And what does it take? What’s it like living as a nomad for a year? I’ll share my own experiences but mostly will be looking for other perspectives to share. Let’s dig in.