The Journal

I’ve been writing a lot on Instagram lately (too much?), and still feel like there isn’t enough space to say what I’d like. The Journal is where we’re taking deep dives into my work and the things that interest me- person style, commercial photography, accessory design, self development, the road to becoming French and general happenings in the world of art, indie makers comedy and design.



This is a space for personal style, inspiring interiors, makers and designers making work to yearn for and the occasional



This is where we dive into everything career related- networking tips, finding friends to help with career navigation and creating a path to next career milestones. Consulting and information products in the US will be creative career development and products in France will cater specifically to those looking to upgrade branding.


Work in this field is both to grow skills and demonstrate expertise to reach the ultimate goal of releasing accessory design collaborations (and becoming the most fashion-forward accessories designer "in Texas." This begins as documentation of design learning and personal projects based on the brands I like.


Self is the area where we explore growth and personal development. On the blog, this is expressed as posts on personal goals I'm working toward. As information products, Self will include workshops, group coaching, self-guided workbooks and retreats to re-connect with the creative self and ignite self-discovery & growth.