Self Love: Chakrubs

I made a little joke about Chakrubs in another blog post, and here’s the thing: I have been making these little references to them for years now. I can’t let it go, I’m fascinated.


I found Chakrubs some years back (long before Goop and the infamous Yoni Egg) when they began following the account of a fashion brand I was working for and I just have not been able to stop going back to look at the products. They’re beautiful. They’re unique. And they had the most fascinating testimonials:

The crystal immediately warmed up to me as I placed it on my heart chakra and began to state my intentions with her. It was a magical reaction, one that let me know that she had chosen me, I had not chosen her. The sensations felt upon her contact with my yoni cannot be described in words. It was Bliss. Freedom. Love. Life. Magic. She released my Divine Feminine. This is a sacred instrument, and I cherish her.

There’s a lot of talk in the testimonials about “warming” the Chakrub; It’s a very woo-woo way of saying “you’re about to have sex with a rock, try to make it less cold”. But it’s such a pretty rock! And, if you’re swayed by the testimonials, it’s a powerful rock.

Screen Shot 2018-12-25 at 5.50.02 AM.png

I haven’t purchased one, but found myself on the website AGAIN today, so I felt like I had to say something about this fascinating company. Whose success, by the way, is mega-inspiring. Watching them grow over the years has been so great, from crystal sex toys to a an informative blog, book on crystal healing and sacred pleasure and a strong network of sex-positive goddesses. If I were Oprah, I’d list these on my favorite things and give you all one. Hm, I suppose I should re-phrase that and say “when I am Oprah, I’ll have these on my first Favorite Things list and give you all one”

Chakrubs, y’all. Check it out.