The Journal

I’ve been writing a lot on Instagram lately (too much?), and still feel like there isn’t enough space to say what I’d like. The Journal is where we’re taking deep dives into my work and the things that interest me- person style, commercial photography, accessory design, self development, the road to becoming French and general happenings in the world of art, indie makers comedy and design.


Style. Styling. Stylist.

If you read my bio, you've already seen that my background is in Fashion Design and Contemporary Art. So whether we’re talking about an art exhibition*, an image of of a throw pillow or an outfit (A #Lewk), it’s all about style. Sure, it’s subjective, but there’s a theory and practicality to its application. Time to get hyper-specific about what I’m drawn to, what I create and why. Plus some dope resources I’ve come across and can’t stop talking about.



As a way to geek out on all things accessory design, I’m constantly creating new projects for myself and taking commissions from others. Learning and self-expresson are the only ends. So, we’re deep-diving into design from sketches & production to what makes a piece perfect (I’m all about beautiful lines and good execution). I’m also using this as a place to talk about personal wardrobe projects in the making. Who wants gratuitous close up shots of machines sewing through layers of canvas?

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Consulting | The Creative Class

From working in retail, studying design and working in commercial photography, I’ve been able to call on all my passions and work with folks to come up with new products or figure out how to make existing ones shine. I’ve learned a quite a bit from that work and am gladly sharing it here. If it saves someone even a few hours of trial and error, I’m happy as a pig in mud.

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Consulting | Personal Cheerleader

Now, if you’ve ever ran into me on set, at brunch, happy hour or just in a Target, you know that nothing gets me energized more than helping people bring plans to fruition. Express the slightest uncertainty about your path and we are going to sit down and work. it. out. I’ve done it do much now, both for myself and others, that I’ve got a bit of a system and I’m glad to share it.

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Art. Arts. The Arts. (and craft)

All the beautiful, weird, fascinating and wonderful things. There’s so much to see, appreciate, support and talk about. Contemporary art, dope makers, studio visits, stellar performances. Insanely talented friends! Generally, I’ll be using this as a platform to show love to folks I am really digging. And maybe you’ll like them, too.