A Farewell to Set & Co.

In a short 3 years, Set & Co. became a darling of the Dallas design community, now we all have to find somewhere else to get our household brushes and designer ceramics.


Set & Co is an all around beautiful store and inspiring space. It’s open layout allowed ample room for all of the housewares to grab your attention- you could even find a brush for every area of the home! I’ve never left empty handed and even when I had a small purchase (they have the absolute best indie greeting cards) I’d have an interaction that just lit me all the way up. It’s a really special thing to be in a space that draws so many people who not only have the same tastes, but also openly share ideas, resources and themselves.

I can’t write about Set & Co. without talking about the children’s section. In a time where more and more of us are trying to be intentional both with what we consume and values we pass along to little ones in our lives, the selection for kiddos at Set & Co. was a no-brainer when shopping for the little ones in our lives. It is unreasonably difficult to find things for kiddos that a) aren’t unnecessarily gendered b) don’t have too many lights, sounds and colors c) leave room for children to use their imaginations during play. Set & Co.’s thoughtful curation makes it easy to stick to your commitment to intentional living with your littles from day one.

Set & Co. is on my personal top 5 shops list, as well as a preferred spot of my some of my favorite minimalists and makers around town. While Jennifer & Adam announced last week on Instagram that May will be their last month in the space, Set & Co. will still have creative projects coming. So it isn’t a goodbye”, just a “see you in a new outfit”

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 12.12.17 PM.png

Thanks for the good times, y’all.