My main goal for 2019 is pretty simple: to get everything in these journals off of the paper and into the world.


It’s easier said than done. Essentially, everything in the journals is a subset of four main goals; I want to publish fascinating editorials, I want to tell stories with images, I want to design more, I want my wardrobe to be a truer reflection of my self.

In the last few years I’ve found myself very busy (busy, busy) with small tasks that were supposedly getting me closer to a very nebulous idea of a future that I wanted, but I haven’t been as intentional about putting what I want into words. So this next year, we’re taking all of the lists, scribbles and stream-of-consiousness entries, we’re distilling them, writing out concrete goals and, most importantly, putting checkpoints on. the. calendar.

And every time I get distracted or discouraged, I’m watching Kanye’s acceptance speech after winning the Best Rap Album Grammy in 2005.