Building Your Ideal Portfolio | (archived)

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Building Your Ideal Portfolio | (archived)


Are you an artist or creative looking for a way to get the paying gigs you’ve been dreaming of, but don’t know how to build that bridge? Do you spend your spare time and money creating new pieces “for your book” but it still doesn’t flow?
Haven’t updated your book since your senior project in Art School?

In this weekly group session, we’ll take you from dreamer to do-er. After I left design school, I was in my small Texas college town, working odd jobs and trying to figure out how to turn this trail mix of half-hearted design school projects into a way to be paid to be creative. A short few years later, I found myself at a major photo studio New York City being offered a styling & art directing gig (!!!) based entirely on my portfolio and my own creative direction. In those interim years, I created a system for building my portfolio and getting eyes on it to the point that I didn’t have to go out LOOKING for work. It had started to find me.

In this group, we’ll work on

  • How to strategically plan your portfolio projects

  • Deciding what projects to say no to (so you can focus on what matters)

  • Finding resources to fill your knowledge gap (#NeverStopLearning)

  • And turning your portfolio envy into action (admit it, you’ve spent hours on Instagram or Behance just fuming with admiration. Let’s be constructive about our creeping.)

Come the end of the month, you’ll have:

  • A Plan and Timeline for completing your portfolio

  • A list of people to see your work and no-pressure system for contacting them (no more hiding and ceaselessly perfecting)

  • A brand new piece to jumpstart your book and get some momentum rolling

This is an archived lesson for self-guided study. All materials will be delivered as Audio & PDF after purchase.

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