Career Resources: Books on Networking and Relationship Building

In career resources, we’ll talk about articles, podcasts, books, courses and other things that have helped me in my own work, as well as what my fellow beloved creatives have been digging. We’re spreading love by sharing knowledge.


Networking. NETWORKING. Networking. Netowrikgn.

The more you say and hear it, the more daunting it becomes. But networking is really just making friends. Genuinely.

As an ENFP, I don’t have trouble with that, and really do thrive on meeting folks and getting their whole life story. But! I know that that isn’t the case with most folks AND, even extroverts need a little guidance on how to network effectively (that still feels gross to say)

So! Here are books that have helped me learn to talk to people more, become a better listener, cause me to actively try to be more self-less and push myself to get out there when I’d rather be in bed watching Hey Arnold on Hulu.

Never Eat Alone- Keith Ferrazzi with Tahl Raz

I requested this book as a Christmas present (when prompted, I don’t just send out unsolicited gift requests) and it was one of the best gifts I’ve gotten in a while. In his boo, Keith Ferrazzi talks through the habits he’d developed that took him from his lower class background to Harvard and beyond. Now, I’ll say that using Harvard as a metric for success is a bit overwrought and generally makes me roll my eyes, but his account might be an especially inspiring tale for anyone from a blue-collar background with high ambitions.

How To Talk To Anyone- Leil Lowndes

I absolutely love this book- I recommend listening to the audio version specifically because Leil sounds like a fun coworker or maybe your mom’s friend that happens to be good at talking to everyone. She bills her book as a manual to How to Win Friends and Influence People- “If How to Win Friends is an Manual, this is the How To Guide”

The Intentional Networker- Patti Denucci

The thing that made me pick up this book by Patti Denucci was the word “intentional” Where many other books seem like they’re talking about networking for the sake of networking, or networking for people in “business” or “sales” (huh??) this book is all about getting clarity on what your end goals are (even though life is all about the journey, man) and then getting to know the right people that can make it happen. THOUGH

Are there any networking books you’ve really liked? Lemme know in the comments, an email or a DM on Instagram. I’m always on the hunt for more.